Home Alone Lockdown Looking Out Of My Window, Part 1

In my lockdown at home alone, 

looking out of my window clapping for NHS

the new heroes of the time, on the front-line 

fighting COVID 19 which has declared world war 

it’s the new invisible enemy of our time 

shortage of the right weapons so far 

NHS are doing their best,

keeping the mortality rate on the decline. 

Home alone lockdown looking out of my window,

I see no crowds gathering around 

no more visit from families, neighbours, and friends 

a phone call or text, they know I’m still above ground 

clapping for the NHS

hoping and praying for a cure to be found 

Home alone lockdown looking out my window 

listening to what conspiracy theorist says 

the virus made in China 

for ending, creating a new world order 

many lives end up under the clay 

it recognises no border 

Scientist says it’s been always there but where 

Others state it occurs from eating rats and bats 

Whatever they claim, I’m alone in lockdown looking out of my window 

clapping for the NHS from my flat 

COVID 19 invisible, lurking, traveling swiftly across borders 

attaching, awaiting, attacking near and far. 

elders are vulnerable at high risk 

lockdown at home, isolation that’s the order 

faith healers hiding behind bars 

saying it’s predicted in the Bible 

what good is that to me, 

at home alone lockdown, looking out of my window, 

still clapping for the NHS, not being idle 

kb © 


Religion Church and the Bible have been getting much criticism. Although people are instinctively spiritual and religious, and gravitate to have a connection with and higher spiritual entity who they believe will care for their needs. And, will fulfil and satisfy whatever people need. People been turning away from religion church and the bible which is understandably.

If most of people are honest with themselves, we all need something either love, peace, kindness, money for financial security, freedom from pain and suffering. That’s just a few. So, when people realise all their wants and need aren’t taken care of, from whoever or whatever they were looking to do that “for them”they’ll disregard, and turn their back. 

However, in the defence of religion, church and the Bible too many people “rely, and depend” on them to do the things which is necessary for people to do for themselves. You shouldn’t be too reliant on anyone or anythingto do for you what you can do for yourself.

If you’re hungry, you’ll have to find a way to get food. If you are suffering and feeling pain, you’ll have to find a way to alleviating your suffering, and to stop the pain. If you’re been hurt by anyone, you’ll have to do something to stop, and prevent that person from hurting you. That what life and living requires to getting what you need. 



9 May 20

In my lockdown at home alone. 

Looking out of my window, clapping the NHS

Outside I see no more crowds gathering around

Living with this virus around is testing our will to stay at home. 

Alone we have to pass that test 

Meeting, celebrating and mingling, is of the pass  

Going shopping in crowded stores and market, those days seem gone

Those who enter my home, stay two feet away in the mask

It’s not safe going to the usual hangouts

Going out to pubs, and restaurant is off the daily menu

It’s no more a normal time

I’m hoping there isn’t a blackout

People standing in two feet apart inline

How long will this virus last, no one have a clue?

The new norm is standing behind the gate or two feet away on the street.

Is the first-time some people get to know the neighbour.

Some their children, husband or wife.

While Government seems to lose their feet

The Coronavirus seems is out of control taking life.

This virus has caused lockdown, pain, death and suffering

Abnormality take the place of normality

Loved one must stay away, or wave from behind windows weeping

This is a new reality

I’m looking through my window, praying not to lose my sanity.

I’m looking forward to the ending of this virus

Andhttp://www.mindprocess.co.uk to face the new reality

Counselling will be needed for many of us.


To Be a Genius 

To be a genius one must be able to think out of the unconventional, and to perceive and create things not yet existed. That means, one must go beyond the reaches of what is already in existence into the realms of infinity and possibilities, find what is not yet created or construct and make it real. 

The brain and mind cannot be confined to the usual way of thinking and accepting what’s already in existence cannot be improved or change for better use. 

The brain and mind must be able to innovate, invent and construct new things which is useful and will make a positive, impact in people’s lives. This involves learning adapting and not being afraid of changing old ideas and old concepts and making new ones. kb’s http://www.mindprocess.co.uk

How to use your capabilities.

Use your capabilities 

You can plan and design your life, but you must believe and feel, you have the capability to do things for making an impact which can change your life and get you the things you need. You must also recognize the amazing power you have you can enhance to improve upon what you have to do. 

When you wake up encourage your brain some start your day right for you to function better throughout the day. 

Apply these methods: Relax, meditation, prayers and visualisation. 

Look at what you done the day before, where you stopped, see if you can do better. 

Don’t focus on the wrong thing, focus on getting things right. 

Outcomes are made with action, so don’t focus on what you can’t do, but on what you can do to succeed and progress every day. 

Success and gains, big or small, can seems like miracles, but it’s dedication from your part which make it so. 

Be ambitious, and don’t let down yourself. 

Appreciate what you gained, and use your past experience to drive you forward for transforming your life. 

Hardly there always will be perfect circumstances. There will be challenges and difficulties in life living your dreams.

Things might not go as well as you feel they should, although it hurts to fail, don’t get too emotional.

Where you were, and what you did in the past is represented in experience which can benefit you; but you shouldn’t try to be in the past. It’ll be a waste of time. KB’s

Don’t fail to have control over your own minds

Snapshot from Vol: 2 Mind Process’s and Formulas soon come. 

Don’t fail to control your own minds and action. When you fail to rule their own minds, you’re subjecting yourself to mental slavery which you should take personal responsibility for.

Although many things are out of our own control, and we all have to suffer setbacks which money cannot remedy all the time. When you fail, you can feel crushed as though faith is conspiring to deter you. You don’t have to be a victim of what is conspiring against you. Thinking or feeling you’re at a disadvantaged won’t change any bad situation, and you should not allow yourselves to be victimise with disadvantage, and believe anyone is coming to act on your behalf, so don’t.

People are ready to exploit you with false doctrine to control your mind. You have own unique identity and power to prevent that from happening. Freeing your mind from mental enslavement, is not allowing whoever or whatever to conquer and control you. You’ll be free to think and act on your own behalf. You’ll be able to dictate the choices you have to make for controlling most circumstances.

Make the best use of your own power, make your own choice and decisions to take responsibility to act for making your own advantage. If you aren’t careful when facing any kind of problem, it can drive you mentally insane.

You have the power for making the effort to overcome problems. So, use those powers. It’s from within from your own mindset you have to be in control of your ability, therefore pledge to use your abilities to control situation. Be the director of your action and work to change bad condition. Be hopeful your choices will turn out all right. kb’s

Use motivation, incentive and courage

Use motivation, incentive and courage

Motivation and incentive will allow you to find the power to act and move yourself to move anything negative out of your life, and to move anything worthwhile moving to where you’d like it to be. Be aware there are unseen forces in action which will either assist, or hinder. Whoever, or whatever is hindering you from reaching your destination move it out of your way, or courageously move over it. When negative forces are set in motion to work against what we’d like to accomplish, motivate yourself with incentive.  sometimes there’s isn’t much we can do about it, other than let those forces disperse on their own.

We seldom plan for disruptive forces which come into our lives, and tackling certain negative, disruptive forces head on will cause more havoc and hindrance. That can prevent certain good things from happening. Often, when these disruptive forces are at work, instability accompanies them, and what had planned will appear useless. That’s when motivation, aspiration and incentive and make an impact on the disruptive forces to bring the results desired.

Even though you’re motivated to do your best, take into consideration certain things, won’t happen the way you would like it to happen. Trying to accomplish anything probability and circumstances are involved which can make things happen in the way probability and circumstances intend, or don’t happen. Hold all of that in mind when things don’t happen as expected, or work out the way you want.

When things don’t happen the way you’ve expected, don’t get upset, frustrated or spend time worrying be aware probability is involved. When possibility is involved no matter what, as long as you keep doing things correct, possibility makes it so you’ll either have some success, or something good will happen. There’s this difference between possibility and probability. With probability certain thing may or may not happen, With possibility certain things may not happen precisely as expected, but when you work with incentive to make what you want to happen, possibility makes something happen.

Unfamiliar, unforeseen forces are always at work to push one into difficulties, some of these difficulties can appear overwhelming, even so, you shouldn’t allow anything to overwhelm you. Look at life in a positive way. You have the ability to handle and overcome every problematic situation, and every difficulty life throws at you. So, handle it with courage, and resolve problems with determination.

You might find yourself in a situation you thought is impossible to climb out of. You may even find it hard to make some money to get out of difficulties. Believe and feel difficult conditions, hardship and poverty aren’t permanent, nor a trap you’re unable to free yourself from. It’s only an appearance, keep focusing on finding ways to climb out of what appear as a trap, and don’t allow circumstances to prevent you from overcoming difficulties. Look at life in a positive way, feel and believe there’s no bad situation which you can’t do something to make the situation better. Develop a courageous mindset and attitude to overcome the negative forces and get out of difficult situations.

Failure will happen, bad thing will happen, but what didn’t happen, didn’t happen. Some of what will happen, you can’t do anything about, other than to keep doing, and keep going. Do the wrong things expect wrong results, do the right things will prevent bad things from happening and you can expect good results.

No matter how much you’ve learned or read, all the results you want won’t be achieved without guidance and inspiration, from trainers, coaches, mentors and other people, you won’t be able to get where you’d like to be. So whenever you set out to do anything, keep in mind without help from others, it will be hard to achieve much.kb

What’s money?

What’s money?

What is money, it’s fair and independent. You either work or sell something to earn and accumulate it, nevertheless, its primary purpose is for purchasing and exchange? They’re people who brand money as either good or unethical. Your judgement and feeling of having money and wealth depends on your experiences and upbringing about making and having money, to love or not to love money. Beware of irrational emotions of fear, jealousy, guilt, and shame of being wealthy.

Individual people, government, and business create money, and they also create a system which causes poverty. Because of the scarcity of jobs in any country, areas in a country, likewise there will be a scarcity of money, so poverty occurs. To generate and produce more money, make use of opportunities and learn how to create and manage the money you already have.

There will be challenges earning and retaining money, but those challenges have overcome to make money flow into your bank account. Money has its critics, but up till now the critics haven’t yet come up with recommendations or practical solution what to use for replacing money. Over time, money has demonstrated its usefulness, it has survived throughout wars, strife, and catastrophes, money come to the rescue and will continue to go on doing so.

There overindulgence, selfishness, and greed to the extreme, anybody with those characteristic, and is wealthy, will make money appear bad to have. Nonetheless, many poor families, institutions, and organisations are financed by affluent individuals.

Get smart, understand money, when money is not idle and is assigned to work, it works effectively. Money serves an enormous amount of people, and helps to sort out problems. Money is exchangeable in value, it creates wealth that circulates, its appeal creates influences.

When you make money, manage it well, and use it for its value. Don’t allow money to govern and have control over your life, and don’t become a casualty to money. ©kb