Work And Make What You Want Happen

No matter what you do, whatever has to happen, will happen, and whatever happens you shouldn’t worry about it. There are so many probabilities and circumstances involve which can make things happen in the way it happens. You can say something will happen in this way, or it will not happen at all, nor will it happen in the way you expect it to happen. The probability is when you work to make something happen, something will happen.

Whatever you do, and should it turn out wrong, you may ask yourself what if you had done it in this way, or in that way would it work and turns out better than imagined and expected. That is as far as, what if can do to get you results. It’s best before you start doing anything, is to think about all probabilities and alternative and imagine positive and negative outcome. Instead of thinking what might or might not happen, or on what might go wrong, focus on what you have to do now and do the right thing you can now do to make what you want happen.

Doing whatever you can do right now to make your life more successful than yesterday, is to work hard now in the present. Keep focusing on what you would like to achieve now and in the future. However, don’t worry or think too much about the future, concentrate on now the present.

Good and bad things can happen any time, which you can’t do much about, nevertheless what you can do something about is to start creating the future you want right now, and expect it to turn out better than in the past.

If you want to have a prosperous fruitful life in the future, which could be tomorrow, next week, next month, next years, there is no other way for you to have it, than to work for it now in the present. You can’t just say you want to live a prosperous life, and expect fortune to hand you prosperity, seldom does it happen that way. Furthermore, be aware that not all of what you need and want you may get immediately or in a short time. Expect failure in achieving certain things, because that is how things are.

When you haven’t acquire what you are working for, trust in your ability and forte, keep working for it, and no matter what happens, feel, believe and know that someday you will acquire some of whatever you have been working for.

There’s no bad situation you might find yourself in, which you aren’t able to do something to get yourself out.

Anything that life throws at you; you should be able to figure it out to work on it. However, you must have self-confidence in your ability to figure out and work things out. There’s always new ideas and new solutions and something new you can imagine to do, that will get you whatever you need, and to wherever you would like to be.

Although, nothing is secure in this world, let go of insecurity, and don’t think that you can’t do whatever is required of you to acquire whatever you need. Think you can, and never give up or give in. Whenever you think of giving up, and give in, think about what else is there for you to do but something else. You may encounter failure, after failure, but that doesn’t mean you should keep giving up. Are you going to keep giving up and keep starting over repeatedly?

Think positive and believe in your capabilities, the probability is, when you work to make things happen, no matter how long it take something will happen. It might not happen today, but it might happen tomorrow, it might even happen in the next months or years to come, but something has to give way for something to happen. That’s how the laws of action work; it changes the situation and circumstances.

You shouldn’t expect to get something worthwhile from doing nothing. However, whenever you take action to make what you want to happen, something will have to happen. Therefore, take appropriate action and make your dreams happen in reality. ©kb’s


Watch Out For Unhappiness

I had an appointment to meet with two friends in a Café name Sunshine. One friend’s name was Joy, the other Happiness. Joy came but happiness didn’t. Joy said, unhappiness was jealous that he wasn’t invited, so he joined with sadness, doom and gloom and organise to prevent happiness from joining us. KB

Get Out of Debt Trap By Changing Some Habits

Regardless, who you are, and your position in life, where debt is concerned, it doesn’t matter how educated you are, how much you are earning, you will be in some form of debt. Nevertheless, you can control debt, and your own financial future, and not allow outside forces to control it for you. Think and feel what is more gratifying than to be in the best of health and to see you have some money saved up and you have control over debt. However, if you aren’t frugal, a combination of debts can slowly add up, increase, and prevents you from being economically free of certain debts. Credit cards, loans, and mortgage debt can easily add up. Beside that you have to entrain yourself which cost money. All of this means you seem to go to work only to pay off those debts. Unfortunate as it may sound, that is the situation many people get themselves in.  They lose control over their spending habits that cause them to get into more debt.

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