Your life is in your own hands

Your life is in your own hands, and it should be your own responsibility to choose and decide how you’re going to work for the kind of life you want to live. Have no doubt about that you’ll have to work for the kind of life you want to live.

Everyone is different from everyone else, you are different from everyone, your responsibilities are also different. The life you would like to live will also be different in scope, socially and financially. At present your life may be in a bad state of affair, and so, you will have to take it upon yourself to do what you have to do to make your life better than it is either socially or financially.

Some people are authoritative doctrinaire with distorted dogmatic views and opinions who feels they know better about you than you should be about yourself. Some people will feel they know what is right and good for you to do. Be aware those people may not know as much as they profess they know, and they don’t realise or aware that they don’t know that they don’t know. Sound confusing, that’s how those people will make your life. Unless a what someone is telling you is good for you and will contribute to your overall well-being, you really don’t have to do what  that person, or persons are telling you to do.They may not have done anything worthwhile for them to show that they know about what they are telling you to do. Probably they haven’t accomplished as much as you, or have had the amount, or the kind of experiences you have. Therefore, don’t follow them and do what they are telling you to do, else you will end up loosing and getting nowhere.

Even if you love someone, don’t allow that person to control your life and dictate what is right and good for you to do. Never allow anyone to run your life the way he or she might think is better for you. It might be better for that person, but it may not be that good for you.

Never allow anyone to make decisions that you should make for yourself, especially decisions that will affect your whole life.

Never allow anyone to make you feel you’re incompetent or worthless. Some partners and other people will make you feel you’re incompetent or worthless to make their egos feel good and to have some control over you. Know that you have the same amount of potential and abilities as everyone else, possible extra, but you’ll have to use what you have to prove you are capable of running your life in your own way.

You have a brain to think for yourself, hands to do things, and you are free to do things you would like to do, so why should you allow anyone else do those things for you, possible you could do better, unless you are lazy. For achieving great and wonderful feat, and to prove people wrong, keep doing positive things efficiently. Awaken and unshackled your brain and mind power, release your potential and creative skills.

Don’t take advice from people who are not doing anything, or from those who haven’t achieved anything, neither of those people haven’t been successful. Never take advice from anyone who haven’t failed in doing anything. That is because, anyone who hasn’t done anything, or had no failure or success, or haven’t been anywhere tell you who are trying and doing things what you should do to become successful. Ask yourself this, if the person who’s telling you what to do aren’t that successful, or haven’t done anything of consequence, do you really believe they can tell you how to become successful. Then why he or she aren’t doing what they are telling you to do to become success them self? Why isn’t that person having great success? They may not realize they are a failure.

Anyone who has never done anything successfully and have failed a few times, that person can’t teach you much about how to succeed after you’ve failed, nor how to make a success out of failure. There isn’t much an unsuccessful person can tell a successful person about achieving success.

People have a mouth to speak, so they can say anything, they can tell you anything but that don’t mean they know everything, or better than you. People can make you all kinds of promises, but that doesn’t mean they will keep their promise, or will give you what they’ve promised.

Many people have much advice to give to other people, some people have a lot of time to get into other people’s affair while their affairs are in a very bad state. Should you take on the advice what some people say is right for you, you’ll be following advice that will not get the rewards  you need. Some people are going nowhere, so they can’t take you anywhere.  If you follow certain people who aren’t going anywhere, you’ll be lead astray, and away from the path you should follow to fulfil your dreams. You won’t be able to achieve your desired objectives. Following people who are going nowhere, you will certainly end up getting nowhere.

Don’t follow people who are only catching at straws and shadows. You will end up like the dog that grabs at the shadow of a bigger bone and ends up losing probably what was his dinner.

Sometimes it can appear life isn’t moving forward or in the direction, you want it to go, so you listen to anyone and take on all kinds of advice some good, some bad. Don’t be stubborn and refuse to listen to the people who are encouraging and giving you good advice. Take all the good advice. Take good ideas, good views, and good opinions and use them for fulfilling your dreams.

At times it will feel you are stuck in a rut, and you may find it hard to get out of that rut. It can seem futile to keep fighting and struggling, on the other side, no condition is static.Even when it appears there’s no way out of the struggle, never give up or give in to those feelings, that is because life isn’t at a standstill, and so no situation is permanent. Your’s, and everyone’s life and everything is in constant motion. Life and situation is changing and moving in one direction or another, as well as they’re adapting to the changes that are occurring. That means you should never succumb to the worst situation in life, and let life sweep you along in any unsatisfying situation. Never allow life or anyone to dish out to you whatever they feel like.

See the changes that are taking place, accept them, then either go with them or add some kind of input to make the kind of change you want. You may have to adapt to some changes, but be certain it’s the kind of changes you desire and require.

Again, you are an extraordinary unique individual with abilities to make certain positive changes in your life. And, when you work for achievements the possibilities for achieving your goals and for having good results is achievable.

Sometimes, when trying to fulfil goals, you should take a step back and look at the choice you should make to see if they are right or wrong, and what will be the consequences. At the same time don’t allow anyone to dictate to you and decide what choice  you should make, or tell you that their path is the easiest path you should take. It might be the wrong path. Again, it should be your own choice and decision, and it’s your responsiblity to doing what you have to do to achieve your objectives. kb’s


A Letter of Devorce

Hello European Partners I didn’t want this messy long drawn out divorce, but since some of the unruly pickney don’t like any more of your restrictions, and some of the people you send as their neighbour, it’s better that we go our own amicable way. Hope you have no hard feelings, and we can still be friends. If things don’t work out as well as the pickney them think, I’ll leave the back door open, and maybe later we can start sleeping together again. By the way, I’m going to keep the money you’re asking me to pay back, it’s for helping me to pay the lawyers. Don’t be a spoiler, and don’t forget we all spend that money having some good time drinking wine, eating cheese and bratwurst in that big house in Brussels and Strasbourg. A part of that money is for my share in that house which I can’t take with me. I still love you. kb

What’s Brexit

Someone asked me why I don’t do political blog anymore. The reason why, I’m trying to stay away from politics and religion. How I evaluate and see things, and what I write is against the norm. However, since politics and religion, both have some effect in our lives in some way or another, something some politician lady says about Brexit, means Brexit. However, she didn’t explain that UK exiting the EU mean changes, and some of those changes will bring dire consequences. It also seems they aren’t preparing people for those Brexit changes when it happens.kbs

Everyone Think and Imagine, But How?

It’s natural for everyone to think and imagine knowingly and unknowingly. How one thinks and imagine is what makes the difference to that person and other people’s life. Thinking and imagining should be simple and easy to do, but they are the hardest things for a majority of people to do properly and effectively. Furthermore, although it should be natural for some people be more imaginative, innovative and creative, it’s not easy for many people to think intelligently, creatively and constructively. The reason for that, many people have never learned, or taught how to think intelligently, constructive and creative. Those who are imaginative, innovative and creative, are either gifted, or have learned. They have nurtured and develop those traits. Although most people have those traits, some people seem to have more than others and use them to achieve what might seem impossible. For you to see what you want, and what you can accomplish, you’ll have to be able to make use of what you have. All of that takes self-awareness of what you have that you can use to achieve what you are thinking of achieving. For that reason, learn to expand your imagination, do not ignore, or forget to study and learn how to think and imagine intelligently and inventive. Also, learn whatever else you have to learn that is useful for you to become whoever you want to become. After that, be prepared to work for becoming whom you want to be, and for whatever you want to achieve.

Successful achievements are the product of learning useful things and thinking up some useful ideas. Aspiration of having success also requires learning how to focus intently with self-awareness about what you need to achieve. Anyone can spend time thinking, but nothing will happen if one doesn’t apply oneself and act effectively with what he, or she thinks about for achieving some success. It’s not hard to have an idea; it’s hard to create something useful and worthwhile out of any idea. Anyone can think up any kind of ideas, but ideas are useless until that idea is produce into something useful. Be aware that ideas have no legs to move, or hands to make them to become something. When people produced ideas into something physically useful, it’s when ideas materialise into something physically useful. It will take the effort to make your idea into something real and useful; else, they are only an idea that is either in the mind or on the drawing board.

Thinking up ideas for getting what you want for yourself, and to make whatever you want out of them can be either easy or hard, nevertheless with the right kind of effort and knowledge applied, ideas can be fruitful. However, the idea must be workable and feasible. You must also have some knowledge about what you want to create from that idea.

Although an idea might be great, you must know what you want to do with the idea, as well as when and how to apply it, because the wrong timing, lack of knowledge, lack of resources unexpected failures can occur with the greatest ideas. Any good idea can also fail, either because they weren’t properly thought out intelligently to produce something useful and worthwhile, or the idea weren’t feasible enough to bring about the best results you desire.

Good ideas can make anyone successful who is willing to work to become successful. However, some people don’t make the effort to develop their inherent abilities and skills that are required to work with their ideas for becoming successful, or have learned how to think intelligently for them to acquire what they need to become successful. Be aware that any kind of self-development and skills for making success take single-mindedness. It also takes the required developed abilities and skills with a great deal of effort and aspiration for acquiring. Therefore, any idea that is economically viable, when individuals apply abilities to the idea, the potential for making money can always materialise from the idea to see its financial value and success. And so, not until someone turns ideas into money, will money be able to materialise from any idea.

Any individual who makes the effort to create something from any idea, should believe and have faith that the Supreme Spiritual Power will assist, and then chances are, they will get whatever assistance they need. That person will be provided with the necessary means and tools to create whatever they want to create, and will even make money. Nevertheless, it still takes knowledge, experience, self-awareness, ability, effort, energy, endeavours, conviction, enthusiasm, determination and endurance for that person to become successful, or for making money from what he or she thinks or from ideas. ©KB’S