Everyone Think and Imagine, But How?

It’s natural for everyone to think and imagine knowingly and unknowingly. How one thinks and imagine is what makes the difference to that person and other people’s life. Thinking and imagining should be simple and easy to do, but they are the hardest things for a majority of people to do properly and effectively. Furthermore, although it should be natural for some people be more imaginative, innovative and creative, it’s not easy for many people to think intelligently, creatively and constructively. The reason for that, many people have never learned, or taught how to think intelligently, constructive and creative. Those who are imaginative, innovative and creative, are either gifted, or have learned. They have nurtured and develop those traits. Although most people have those traits, some people seem to have more than others and use them to achieve what might seem impossible. For you to see what you want, and what you can accomplish, you’ll have to be able to make use of what you have. All of that takes self-awareness of what you have that you can use to achieve what you are thinking of achieving. For that reason, learn to expand your imagination, do not ignore, or forget to study and learn how to think and imagine intelligently and inventive. Also, learn whatever else you have to learn that is useful for you to become whoever you want to become. After that, be prepared to work for becoming whom you want to be, and for whatever you want to achieve.

Successful achievements are the product of learning useful things and thinking up some useful ideas. Aspiration of having success also requires learning how to focus intently with self-awareness about what you need to achieve. Anyone can spend time thinking, but nothing will happen if one doesn’t apply oneself and act effectively with what he, or she thinks about for achieving some success. It’s not hard to have an idea; it’s hard to create something useful and worthwhile out of any idea. Anyone can think up any kind of ideas, but ideas are useless until that idea is produce into something useful. Be aware that ideas have no legs to move, or hands to make them to become something. When people produced ideas into something physically useful, it’s when ideas materialise into something physically useful. It will take the effort to make your idea into something real and useful; else, they are only an idea that is either in the mind or on the drawing board.

Thinking up ideas for getting what you want for yourself, and to make whatever you want out of them can be either easy or hard, nevertheless with the right kind of effort and knowledge applied, ideas can be fruitful. However, the idea must be workable and feasible. You must also have some knowledge about what you want to create from that idea.

Although an idea might be great, you must know what you want to do with the idea, as well as when and how to apply it, because the wrong timing, lack of knowledge, lack of resources unexpected failures can occur with the greatest ideas. Any good idea can also fail, either because they weren’t properly thought out intelligently to produce something useful and worthwhile, or the idea weren’t feasible enough to bring about the best results you desire.

Good ideas can make anyone successful who is willing to work to become successful. However, some people don’t make the effort to develop their inherent abilities and skills that are required to work with their ideas for becoming successful, or have learned how to think intelligently for them to acquire what they need to become successful. Be aware that any kind of self-development and skills for making success take single-mindedness. It also takes the required developed abilities and skills with a great deal of effort and aspiration for acquiring. Therefore, any idea that is economically viable, when individuals apply abilities to the idea, the potential for making money can always materialise from the idea to see its financial value and success. And so, not until someone turns ideas into money, will money be able to materialise from any idea.

Any individual who makes the effort to create something from any idea, should believe and have faith that the Supreme Spiritual Power will assist, and then chances are, they will get whatever assistance they need. That person will be provided with the necessary means and tools to create whatever they want to create, and will even make money. Nevertheless, it still takes knowledge, experience, self-awareness, ability, effort, energy, endeavours, conviction, enthusiasm, determination and endurance for that person to become successful, or for making money from what he or she thinks or from ideas. ©KB’S


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