A Letter of Devorce

Hello European Partners I didn’t want this messy long drawn out divorce, but since some of the unruly pickney don’t like any more of your restrictions, and some of the people you send as their neighbour, it’s better that we go our own amicable way. Hope you have no hard feelings, and we can still be friends. If things don’t work out as well as the pickney them think, I’ll leave the back door open, and maybe later we can start sleeping together again. By the way, I’m going to keep the money you’re asking me to pay back, it’s for helping me to pay the lawyers. Don’t be a spoiler, and don’t forget we all spend that money having some good time drinking wine, eating cheese and bratwurst in that big house in Brussels and Strasbourg. A part of that money is for my share in that house which I can’t take with me. I still love you. kb


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