Optimism, Possibilities and Resilience. kb©

Even when unexpected challenge develops, keep aiming with dedication and determination. The aim is to improve, therefore, face up to any challenge with optimism, faith, self-confident, and courageously stand up to whatever life tosses at you.

Considers all options, maximize all efforts, minimize and avoid future difficulties and problems. Create whatever changes that is necessary now in the present. Know that without strong decision and strong determination it’s harder to arrive at a beautiful, successful and joyful future. For that reason, stop procrastinating, and idling, stop complaining, move away from anything or anyone that will not assist in making the future the way you’ll feel virtuous about it and yourself. kb©

Observation, awareness, knowledge and understanding

Observation, awareness, knowledge and understanding are some key fundamental principles that work together to get what you want out of life. Greater knowledge takes observation and learning. Observation takes awareness and understanding of what you perceive and learn which in turn lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment leads to being more knowledgeable and enlightened about different things, as well as people. As you observe, you will also learn to differentiate between differences and people. Without enlightenment and understanding certain differences, you won’t be able to appreciate the true essence of some things to become more enlightened about it. Unfortunately, not everyone who is knowledgeable will become enlightened and fully aware of certain differences, and sometimes, no matter how knowledgeable a person is, they’ll be still lacking in understanding many things.

Not everything is visible at first glance, some things hold a deeper meaning that it is not showing for observing its essence. Some things are either material or spiritual—you may not be aware of the spiritual, and aren’t able to differentiate between the material and the spiritual essence of certain discrepancy. This doesn’t make you unintelligent it means you aren’t aware of the difference aspect of the material and spiritual things. This brings us back to clarity in observation, and learning how to decipher and understand the complex essences of certain things.

How you study, observe, decipher and look at some to find out its hidden secrets and variable is the key for finding out and understanding the essence of many things and even people. Still, you won’t be able to decipher and understand everything. Many things vary and will remain inexplicable a secret, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand and differentiate the differences in life. You have a built-in intelligence, and the ability to observe, to study, to learn and decipher for you to distinguish between the material and the spiritual, the good and what isn’t good. When someone tells you that, you don’t understand him or her, or what’s happening or is taking place. Instead of being annoyed, seriously consider what they mean. More or less they could mean you aren’t knowledgeable, or understand that certain things are happening, which they feel you should understand. Take steps towards understanding what that person is conveying. It may provide you with the knowledge and awareness it takes to move you outwards and further in life.

You don’t have to know and understand, everything, or everyone. However, observing people will increase your knowledge and awareness of people and differences. Learn, how you should deal with almost everything and anyone.

Knowledge, understanding, awareness and observing life and its many components will also help  avoiding the many pitfalls in life. This is where having the right knowledge and the right information become very crucial in your life, and for what is taking place around you. In the same way intelligence will assist you in building a picture of certain things you’d like to accomplish.

Intelligence services gather information and secrets for governments, business organisation and people. Some of the information needs deciphering for understanding. Once you’ve deciphered the information, you’ll acquire knowledge, whether this knowledge is useful or not what matters you have the information. You’ll also have a better knowledge of the situation person or place you’ve gathered the information from. You do this because you’ll be dealing with people, and you should deal with everyone intelligently.

We all have many dreams; we also have ideas, intuitions, and inspirations to do many different and great things. The way ahead, sometimes needs to properly understand for gaining some idea of what might lie ahead so that you don’t to come to a standstill and for you to maintain progressing. Therefore, you’ll need to visualize the destination you’re going to take your dreams, or the journey that will take you where you want to go. As for reaching the destination you’ll like, train yourself to become aware of the direction you’re going to take. Make a clear assessment where you’re heading, or where you’d like to be. Intelligently plan the path you’re going to take. Then apply action to what you know and understand. That means, you shouldn’t move blindly in life, or do things blindly, emotionally and obsessively. Whatever you do in life should be practical, feasible, viable, strategic and useful; if not, you will be at the mercy of life and chance. Know that people who are cleverer than you and life will have no mercy on you.

The wiser and more intelligent you are, the more confident you’ll feel, then when it comes to undertaking tasks, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you getting some good results out of any task you set yourself or out of any dreams or ideas.

When you are knowledgeable and have self-confidence, and are self-aware of what you have to do, feel that nothing and no one can stop you from doing it. Then do whatever you have to do and don’t be afraid of the outcome.

Making choices and decisions also takes observation and awareness, therefore, never make a choice or a decision without being aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Carefully consider everything you are going to do. On the subject of awareness, be aware it’s not possible to do most of the things you’d like to do, neither is it possible, or will it be easy for you to accomplish certain things. Nevertheless, with the right kind of knowledge, intelligence, awareness, understanding and effort, most of what you want to achieve, you’ll achieve. Applying all of those principles with the endeavour to create with your talent and skills will enable you to achieve greater goals.

Ignorance and arrogance can lead you to overlook your weaknesses and make you think that you know everything, or that you are better than everyone else You might also think that you can do everything, and end up doing the wrong things. Equally, arrogance and ignorance can also prevent you from trying to learn new things, and prevent you from doing things differently. You may not feel you are either ignorant or arrogant. However, this is when observing and become aware of you, will show up those traits. Never allow ignorant or arrogant to control you, otherwise they’ll overpower you and stop you from developing and prevent you from evolving and progressing. Ignorant or arrogant will make you fail. It’s the lack of education, knowledge, understanding and awareness that cause  and why many falters and failures in life. Ignorance have made many people failed and have kept many people poor, and since you do not want to fail or to stay poor, educate yourself and enlightened yourself with observation and self-awareness. Sometimes people may say that you seem to be very intelligent and clever. This is very nice to hear about you, likewise, someone may say that they don’t think you’re clever, don’t get upset, think about why they’ve said they don’t think you’re clever. You may have done something irrational, which that person hadn’t expected you to do. Nonetheless, be aware you should be the best judge of how intelligent and clever you are.©kb