Don’t fail to have control over your own minds

Snapshot from Vol: 2 Mind Process’s and Formulas soon come. 

Don’t fail to control your own minds and action. When you fail to rule their own minds, you’re subjecting yourself to mental slavery which you should take personal responsibility for.

Although many things are out of our own control, and we all have to suffer setbacks which money cannot remedy all the time. When you fail, you can feel crushed as though faith is conspiring to deter you. You don’t have to be a victim of what is conspiring against you. Thinking or feeling you’re at a disadvantaged won’t change any bad situation, and you should not allow yourselves to be victimise with disadvantage, and believe anyone is coming to act on your behalf, so don’t.

People are ready to exploit you with false doctrine to control your mind. You have own unique identity and power to prevent that from happening. Freeing your mind from mental enslavement, is not allowing whoever or whatever to conquer and control you. You’ll be free to think and act on your own behalf. You’ll be able to dictate the choices you have to make for controlling most circumstances.

Make the best use of your own power, make your own choice and decisions to take responsibility to act for making your own advantage. If you aren’t careful when facing any kind of problem, it can drive you mentally insane.

You have the power for making the effort to overcome problems. So, use those powers. It’s from within from your own mindset you have to be in control of your ability, therefore pledge to use your abilities to control situation. Be the director of your action and work to change bad condition. Be hopeful your choices will turn out all right. kb’s

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