What’s money?

What’s money?

What is money, it’s fair and independent. You either work or sell something to earn and accumulate it, nevertheless, its primary purpose is for purchasing and exchange? They’re people who brand money as either good or unethical. Your judgement and feeling of having money and wealth depends on your experiences and upbringing about making and having money, to love or not to love money. Beware of irrational emotions of fear, jealousy, guilt, and shame of being wealthy.

Individual people, government, and business create money, and they also create a system which causes poverty. Because of the scarcity of jobs in any country, areas in a country, likewise there will be a scarcity of money, so poverty occurs. To generate and produce more money, make use of opportunities and learn how to create and manage the money you already have.

There will be challenges earning and retaining money, but those challenges have overcome to make money flow into your bank account. Money has its critics, but up till now the critics haven’t yet come up with recommendations or practical solution what to use for replacing money. Over time, money has demonstrated its usefulness, it has survived throughout wars, strife, and catastrophes, money come to the rescue and will continue to go on doing so.

There overindulgence, selfishness, and greed to the extreme, anybody with those characteristic, and is wealthy, will make money appear bad to have. Nonetheless, many poor families, institutions, and organisations are financed by affluent individuals.

Get smart, understand money, when money is not idle and is assigned to work, it works effectively. Money serves an enormous amount of people, and helps to sort out problems. Money is exchangeable in value, it creates wealth that circulates, its appeal creates influences.

When you make money, manage it well, and use it for its value. Don’t allow money to govern and have control over your life, and don’t become a casualty to money. ©kb


We’re all unique, distinctive individuals

I’ve just completed rewrite Mind Process and Formulas ©kb’s Book#V2.  Planning to get it proofread and professionally edited. A Chapter below, kindly  give your coment and feedback

Mind Process3

We’re all unique, distinctive individuals.

You may feel, and think you know whom you really are, but you actually don’t truly know who you really are. There’s always something new about you which you haven’t yet discover, or learn about yourself. When you accept that and begin to learn and study yourself, there’s a lot of things you’ll learn about you that will surprise you.

First, to truly know your real self, and what is your true purpose, feel and believe there must be a reason, a purpose and a plan for you to be alive. Then give thanks you’re alive. Appreciate and enjoy life, appreciate and enjoy your’s and your family life as much as you can. After that, learn about your unique qualities. It will be time well spent on learning about you. It will be like money in the bank, ready to use, when times get hard.

Know that you’re unique, and have distinctive individual capabilities, as well as you’re enormous and powerful, and can grow to become even more powerful. Start to learn as much as you can how to be  creative and productive, so that you can achieve as many goals, and good things as you can, because you  have it within you to do so, so you can.

You have likes and dislikes get acquainted with them. You have strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities you don’t know you have. You have dormant inactive parts of you that you hadn’t known much about, which you should know about and awaken for accomplishment. Get in-depth knowledge about your true self-worth, and your true potential. That’s why it’s important to take stock of yourself and your abilities, and become aware of your unique qualities. When you know your strength and weaknesses better, you’ll be in a better position to accomplish great and wonderful things, more than you’ve accomplished so far up until now.

The powers and forces you’ve within you can’t be measured, however, when you use your efforts efficient enough, you’ll see and know how powerful and effective you are.

Has anyone ever asked you if you know who you really are. You might also have been asked, if you know what you’re doing? If you have never consciously thought about those questions before, then the next time someone asks you any of those questions, consider why. It’s possible that person feels that you’re not fully aware of whom you really are, or that you’re not certain about what you’re capable of doing and achieving. Stop and consider those questions. Stop for a while, consider who you are, and what are you really doing. If you find you can do more, and better to accomplish more and better then do mor and better for accomplishing more and  the best. However, bear in mind, although you’re powerful, you’re also weak and limited in certain aspects. This can put you either at an advantage or disadvantage, or limitations on your capabilities which you’ll have to develop and strengthen.

Many people will often say they know who they are, or that they are proud to be who they are. Some people will also say they know what they are doing which is often far from the truth because if they face the truth, and stop being in denial, they’d realise that they aren’t fully aware of themselves, and some of what they’re doing, or is capable of accomplishing. If many peope did truly know who they  are and what they are doing is wrong, they wouldn’t end up is some many predicaments and confusion.

Many people don’t realize that they don’t know certain things, neither are they willing to accept that they don’t know that they don’t know. In essences, many people think they know, but they don’t know that they don’t know what they should know, and they will not accept that they don’t know that they don’t know, and should try to know what the smust know. Sound confusing, if you can’t accept that you don’t know certain things, and don’t try to know what you should know, you’re stifling your progress and development, you’re also suppressing development for advancing your capabilities to progress further. It come down to, if you don’t know you can have better and the best, you may be satisfied with whatever misserable situation you are. There’s no certainty things will remain the same tomorrow or in the future, things can get worst. Furthermore, if you’re one of those people who refuses to truly knowing who you really are, you’ve a big problem when things get worst. Many things can easy change in your life and around you, and you’ll be in for a big surprise when certain changes occur which could be devastating for you, because you should know better. ©kb’s Book#V2

Keeping U up to date

KB here, good day families, friends, followers, writers, bloggers, authors, and publishers, permit me to keep you up to date. The rewriting, updating, adding new chapters, cutting and re-editing book Mind Process and Formulas is halfway completed. I’ll still be posting chapters for comment and feedback.

You owe yourself to learn about eating healthy meals

 Learn how prepare and eat healthy meals

KB’s-Jamaican-Caribbean-Recipes-Vol 2 will be out soon

There are so many articles, tips, and advice about food, nutrition, health and super foods, super fruits and super vegetables that can make you become easily confused about what to eat for keeping in the best of health. Some people don’t like certain food, some won’t eat fruits or vegetables. Some people are allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Like me, who usually enjoy eating many kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, poultry and fish, and a lover of the booze, any kind would do. I usually drank different kinds of alcohol, until I lose the taste for a certain drink. However, I had never gotten too drunk not knowing what I was doing, or where I was, and with whom I was with. I’m now diabetic and is allergic to many of the food, fruits, vegetables and booze.

Anyone can be allergic to almost anything, the worst thing about being allergic to food it can be an unpleasant feeling, and even cause death. I knew someone who loves tomatoes, however, when she eats tomatoes, her skin stretches, and she turns red like tomatoes. Although that person loves tomatoes, it affects her when she eats it, it’s the same with some people eating certain fruits, vegetables and nuts. Beans and peas are supposed to be nutritious and healthy. I had love and enjoy eating pea, beans, and cheese, now I’m allergic to those foods, if I eat any of them, my finger and foot swells, and I’m unable to walk. The same with drinking alcohol, or eating anything acidic or food that’s marinated in wine or vinegar. I have to watch other people eat most of the nice food I usually love to eat. Not able to eat those food anymore, I feel I’ve been punished. This doesn’t mean you should ignore eating fresh, healthy food. Fast junk food is no substitute for fresh food, fruits and vegetables. You ca easily and quickly prepare fresh nutritious food. In my blog, http://www.mindprocess.co.uk/blog/ I’ll try to keep it simple, and show what you can prepare nutritious easiy and quick eat.
Remember, you eat to keep in good health and stay healthy and energetic, so be aware of the consequences if you eat any kind of food which affects your health in any way. You should eat what’s healthy and what you like, eat what you enjoy eating, and what you feel are good and beneficial to you. Eat food which won’t affect your health.


Summer Outdoor Barbecue and Grilling


Anyone who loves outdoor cooking and barbecue, summer holiday season is here, a time to do barbecue grilling in the back yard. However, take extra care with food at the summer outdoor barbecue. Take care particular with meat, shellfish and frozen food. Thoroughly defrost frozen food for a minimum time of 8 hours in a refrigerator before you prepare it to cook. Once meat is defrosted and thawed, do not re-freeze. Barbecue and grilling is a cooking process that gives food a different flavour. Properly cooked food, whether barbecue or grill has major health benefits to overall health. Under-cooked meats can cause illness and even kill. Other benefits of properly cooking food, cooked food kills bacteria and reduce spoilage. Cooking also softens tough food, and brings out the nutritional values for us to get more flavour and energy from food. Cooked food makes it easier for us to digest and enjoy the food; it also brings out the aroma, and makes food taste delicious.


Basics Barbecue Grilling Tips 


  1. Always keep the barbecue grill clean to prevent food from sticking to it.
  2. Have the right kind of tools and utensils ready for grilling.
  3. Keep barbecue grills away from all flammable liquid, fences, and house walls.
  4. Pre-prepare, and pre-heat up the barbecue grill
  5. Keep hands, tools, and utensil clean.
  6. Preferable, use tender, lean meats, and fresh shellfish.
  7. Trim off excess fat from meat.
  8. If meat and vegetables need cutting into pieces for skewers, cut it into suitable chunky pieces that can easily grilled.
  9. If warrant, season and marinade meat, and vegetables, cover and leave it, to give it enough time for the flavour soaked in before grilling.
  10. Marinate seasoning for meat, lime or lemon juice, vinegar, wines, oil; jerk seasoning, ketchup, pimento, herbs, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, scallion or onion.
  11. After marinade, put meat, veggies, or fruit alternately on the skewers.
  12. Prepare vegetarian and vegan vegetables and fruits for barbecue separately from the meat, and grill separately.
  13. Brush the food with oil or marinade seasoning, not the grill.
  14. Take caution, much heat and too much fat can cause the fire to flare-up. When the oil hits the fire, it will flare-up and cause smoking. To control flame that’s flaring up on a barbecue grill, do not spray with water, preferable, allow the flame to slowly die down on its own.
  15. Adding sugary or sugary marinad sauces, while grilling, can cause the meat to burn.
  16. Always watch what you are grilling, cook the food evenly, keep turning and moving it around to prevent it from burning.
  17. Don’t overcook food, or allow the food to burn, finish simmering, by move the food to the parts of the grill that isn’t too hot.
  18. When the meat is thoroughly cooked, the juice, which oozes out should be clear. Serve the grill food hot on a clean dish, accompanied with either sauce, vegetables, bread or a mixed salad and a cold drink. 
  19. Find us on: https://www.mindprocess.co.uk/kb-s-jamaican-caribbean-recipes-tips-on-food
  20. https://www.amazon.com/Jamaican-Caribbean-Recipes Vol 1 Kbs-Jamaican-Caribbean-Recipes-Vol 1 Vol 2 will soon publish.

Hold steadfast to what you believe is right


My Dear Political Reader

Question_in_box 2It has been a hard time for Jeremy Corbyn to become nominated for the Labour leadership. Even his own labour party members of parliament tried to sabotage him. They even said he couldn’t last. Members of his own party, the Conservative, mainstream media scrutinise him, put him under daily interrogation as though they were his judged and modern-day inquisitor. They ridiculed, laughed at him, and said he and the labour party had no chance against Teresa May and the Conservative Party.

Theresa May called the general election, when she really didn’t have to, but because she thought she could wipe the floor, with Jeremy Corbyn, humiliate him and the Labour party with a Tory a landslide which unfortunately for her didn’t happen, she and her party is now again in disarray. Jeremy Corbyn pulled a surprise on her. He stood strong and steadfast in his beliefs held on to his views and his manifesto, although it made some people feel a bit worried. He also had something to say about how people are feeling, and about the country and its services. Theresa May and the Conservatives said nothing more than the country needs a strong leader, and Brexit mean Brexit what does that means? She, kept changing her quirky ideas. Then to top it, she comes up with ideas to take away money from the poorest and most disadvantaged and vulnerable in society, and the house most of those people worked for. Maybe that house is all that they have to leave for their children and grandchildren. Haven’t she and her adviser heard the saying, an Englishman home is his castle, or they thought it meant for only the very rich who can afford expensive insurance for their care when they become aged, so that their children can inherit their home. The people have woken up and have voted. I hope politicians and their party stop-taking people for granted. ©kb

Optimism, Possibilities and Resilience. kb©

Even when unexpected challenge develops, keep aiming with dedication and determination. The aim is to improve, therefore, face up to any challenge with optimism, faith, self-confident, and courageously stand up to whatever life tosses at you.

Considers all options, maximize all efforts, minimize and avoid future difficulties and problems. Create whatever changes that is necessary now in the present. Know that without strong decision and strong determination it’s harder to arrive at a beautiful, successful and joyful future. For that reason, stop procrastinating, and idling, stop complaining, move away from anything or anyone that will not assist in making the future the way you’ll feel virtuous about it and yourself. kb©

Observation, awareness, knowledge and understanding

Observation, awareness, knowledge and understanding are some key fundamental principles that work together to get what you want out of life. Greater knowledge takes observation and learning. Observation takes awareness and understanding of what you perceive and learn which in turn lead to enlightenment. Enlightenment leads to being more knowledgeable and enlightened about different things, as well as people. As you observe, you will also learn to differentiate between differences and people. Without enlightenment and understanding certain differences, you won’t be able to appreciate the true essence of some things to become more enlightened about it. Unfortunately, not everyone who is knowledgeable will become enlightened and fully aware of certain differences, and sometimes, no matter how knowledgeable a person is, they’ll be still lacking in understanding many things.

Not everything is visible at first glance, some things hold a deeper meaning that it is not showing for observing its essence. Some things are either material or spiritual—you may not be aware of the spiritual, and aren’t able to differentiate between the material and the spiritual essence of certain discrepancy. This doesn’t make you unintelligent it means you aren’t aware of the difference aspect of the material and spiritual things. This brings us back to clarity in observation, and learning how to decipher and understand the complex essences of certain things.

How you study, observe, decipher and look at some to find out its hidden secrets and variable is the key for finding out and understanding the essence of many things and even people. Still, you won’t be able to decipher and understand everything. Many things vary and will remain inexplicable a secret, however, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to understand and differentiate the differences in life. You have a built-in intelligence, and the ability to observe, to study, to learn and decipher for you to distinguish between the material and the spiritual, the good and what isn’t good. When someone tells you that, you don’t understand him or her, or what’s happening or is taking place. Instead of being annoyed, seriously consider what they mean. More or less they could mean you aren’t knowledgeable, or understand that certain things are happening, which they feel you should understand. Take steps towards understanding what that person is conveying. It may provide you with the knowledge and awareness it takes to move you outwards and further in life.

You don’t have to know and understand, everything, or everyone. However, observing people will increase your knowledge and awareness of people and differences. Learn, how you should deal with almost everything and anyone.

Knowledge, understanding, awareness and observing life and its many components will also help  avoiding the many pitfalls in life. This is where having the right knowledge and the right information become very crucial in your life, and for what is taking place around you. In the same way intelligence will assist you in building a picture of certain things you’d like to accomplish.

Intelligence services gather information and secrets for governments, business organisation and people. Some of the information needs deciphering for understanding. Once you’ve deciphered the information, you’ll acquire knowledge, whether this knowledge is useful or not what matters you have the information. You’ll also have a better knowledge of the situation person or place you’ve gathered the information from. You do this because you’ll be dealing with people, and you should deal with everyone intelligently.

We all have many dreams; we also have ideas, intuitions, and inspirations to do many different and great things. The way ahead, sometimes needs to properly understand for gaining some idea of what might lie ahead so that you don’t to come to a standstill and for you to maintain progressing. Therefore, you’ll need to visualize the destination you’re going to take your dreams, or the journey that will take you where you want to go. As for reaching the destination you’ll like, train yourself to become aware of the direction you’re going to take. Make a clear assessment where you’re heading, or where you’d like to be. Intelligently plan the path you’re going to take. Then apply action to what you know and understand. That means, you shouldn’t move blindly in life, or do things blindly, emotionally and obsessively. Whatever you do in life should be practical, feasible, viable, strategic and useful; if not, you will be at the mercy of life and chance. Know that people who are cleverer than you and life will have no mercy on you.

The wiser and more intelligent you are, the more confident you’ll feel, then when it comes to undertaking tasks, there shouldn’t be anything to stop you getting some good results out of any task you set yourself or out of any dreams or ideas.

When you are knowledgeable and have self-confidence, and are self-aware of what you have to do, feel that nothing and no one can stop you from doing it. Then do whatever you have to do and don’t be afraid of the outcome.

Making choices and decisions also takes observation and awareness, therefore, never make a choice or a decision without being aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Carefully consider everything you are going to do. On the subject of awareness, be aware it’s not possible to do most of the things you’d like to do, neither is it possible, or will it be easy for you to accomplish certain things. Nevertheless, with the right kind of knowledge, intelligence, awareness, understanding and effort, most of what you want to achieve, you’ll achieve. Applying all of those principles with the endeavour to create with your talent and skills will enable you to achieve greater goals.

Ignorance and arrogance can lead you to overlook your weaknesses and make you think that you know everything, or that you are better than everyone else You might also think that you can do everything, and end up doing the wrong things. Equally, arrogance and ignorance can also prevent you from trying to learn new things, and prevent you from doing things differently. You may not feel you are either ignorant or arrogant. However, this is when observing and become aware of you, will show up those traits. Never allow ignorant or arrogant to control you, otherwise they’ll overpower you and stop you from developing and prevent you from evolving and progressing. Ignorant or arrogant will make you fail. It’s the lack of education, knowledge, understanding and awareness that cause  and why many falters and failures in life. Ignorance have made many people failed and have kept many people poor, and since you do not want to fail or to stay poor, educate yourself and enlightened yourself with observation and self-awareness. Sometimes people may say that you seem to be very intelligent and clever. This is very nice to hear about you, likewise, someone may say that they don’t think you’re clever, don’t get upset, think about why they’ve said they don’t think you’re clever. You may have done something irrational, which that person hadn’t expected you to do. Nonetheless, be aware you should be the best judge of how intelligent and clever you are.©kb