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 Learn how prepare and eat healthy meals

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There are so many articles, tips, and advice about food, nutrition, health and super foods, super fruits and super vegetables that can make you become easily confused about what to eat for keeping in the best of health. Some people don’t like certain food, some won’t eat fruits or vegetables. Some people are allergic to certain fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Like me, who usually enjoy eating many kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, meat, poultry and fish, and a lover of the booze, any kind would do. I usually drank different kinds of alcohol, until I lose the taste for a certain drink. However, I had never gotten too drunk not knowing what I was doing, or where I was, and with whom I was with. I’m now diabetic and is allergic to many of the food, fruits, vegetables and booze.

Anyone can be allergic to almost anything, the worst thing about being allergic to food it can be an unpleasant feeling, and even cause death. I knew someone who loves tomatoes, however, when she eats tomatoes, her skin stretches, and she turns red like tomatoes. Although that person loves tomatoes, it affects her when she eats it, it’s the same with some people eating certain fruits, vegetables and nuts. Beans and peas are supposed to be nutritious and healthy. I had love and enjoy eating pea, beans, and cheese, now I’m allergic to those foods, if I eat any of them, my finger and foot swells, and I’m unable to walk. The same with drinking alcohol, or eating anything acidic or food that’s marinated in wine or vinegar. I have to watch other people eat most of the nice food I usually love to eat. Not able to eat those food anymore, I feel I’ve been punished. This doesn’t mean you should ignore eating fresh, healthy food. Fast junk food is no substitute for fresh food, fruits and vegetables. You ca easily and quickly prepare fresh nutritious food. In my blog, I’ll try to keep it simple, and show what you can prepare nutritious easiy and quick eat.
Remember, you eat to keep in good health and stay healthy and energetic, so be aware of the consequences if you eat any kind of food which affects your health in any way. You should eat what’s healthy and what you like, eat what you enjoy eating, and what you feel are good and beneficial to you. Eat food which won’t affect your health.


Summer Outdoor Barbecue and Grilling


Anyone who loves outdoor cooking and barbecue, summer holiday season is here, a time to do barbecue grilling in the back yard. However, take extra care with food at the summer outdoor barbecue. Take care particular with meat, shellfish and frozen food. Thoroughly defrost frozen food for a minimum time of 8 hours in a refrigerator before you prepare it to cook. Once meat is defrosted and thawed, do not re-freeze. Barbecue and grilling is a cooking process that gives food a different flavour. Properly cooked food, whether barbecue or grill has major health benefits to overall health. Under-cooked meats can cause illness and even kill. Other benefits of properly cooking food, cooked food kills bacteria and reduce spoilage. Cooking also softens tough food, and brings out the nutritional values for us to get more flavour and energy from food. Cooked food makes it easier for us to digest and enjoy the food; it also brings out the aroma, and makes food taste delicious.


Basics Barbecue Grilling Tips 


  1. Always keep the barbecue grill clean to prevent food from sticking to it.
  2. Have the right kind of tools and utensils ready for grilling.
  3. Keep barbecue grills away from all flammable liquid, fences, and house walls.
  4. Pre-prepare, and pre-heat up the barbecue grill
  5. Keep hands, tools, and utensil clean.
  6. Preferable, use tender, lean meats, and fresh shellfish.
  7. Trim off excess fat from meat.
  8. If meat and vegetables need cutting into pieces for skewers, cut it into suitable chunky pieces that can easily grilled.
  9. If warrant, season and marinade meat, and vegetables, cover and leave it, to give it enough time for the flavour soaked in before grilling.
  10. Marinate seasoning for meat, lime or lemon juice, vinegar, wines, oil; jerk seasoning, ketchup, pimento, herbs, basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, scallion or onion.
  11. After marinade, put meat, veggies, or fruit alternately on the skewers.
  12. Prepare vegetarian and vegan vegetables and fruits for barbecue separately from the meat, and grill separately.
  13. Brush the food with oil or marinade seasoning, not the grill.
  14. Take caution, much heat and too much fat can cause the fire to flare-up. When the oil hits the fire, it will flare-up and cause smoking. To control flame that’s flaring up on a barbecue grill, do not spray with water, preferable, allow the flame to slowly die down on its own.
  15. Adding sugary or sugary marinad sauces, while grilling, can cause the meat to burn.
  16. Always watch what you are grilling, cook the food evenly, keep turning and moving it around to prevent it from burning.
  17. Don’t overcook food, or allow the food to burn, finish simmering, by move the food to the parts of the grill that isn’t too hot.
  18. When the meat is thoroughly cooked, the juice, which oozes out should be clear. Serve the grill food hot on a clean dish, accompanied with either sauce, vegetables, bread or a mixed salad and a cold drink. 
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