Hold steadfast to what you believe is right


My Dear Political Reader

Question_in_box 2It has been a hard time for Jeremy Corbyn to become nominated for the Labour leadership. Even his own labour party members of parliament tried to sabotage him. They even said he couldn’t last. Members of his own party, the Conservative, mainstream media scrutinise him, put him under daily interrogation as though they were his judged and modern-day inquisitor. They ridiculed, laughed at him, and said he and the labour party had no chance against Teresa May and the Conservative Party.

Theresa May called the general election, when she really didn’t have to, but because she thought she could wipe the floor, with Jeremy Corbyn, humiliate him and the Labour party with a Tory a landslide which unfortunately for her didn’t happen, she and her party is now again in disarray. Jeremy Corbyn pulled a surprise on her. He stood strong and steadfast in his beliefs held on to his views and his manifesto, although it made some people feel a bit worried. He also had something to say about how people are feeling, and about the country and its services. Theresa May and the Conservatives said nothing more than the country needs a strong leader, and Brexit mean Brexit what does that means? She, kept changing her quirky ideas. Then to top it, she comes up with ideas to take away money from the poorest and most disadvantaged and vulnerable in society, and the house most of those people worked for. Maybe that house is all that they have to leave for their children and grandchildren. Haven’t she and her adviser heard the saying, an Englishman home is his castle, or they thought it meant for only the very rich who can afford expensive insurance for their care when they become aged, so that their children can inherit their home. The people have woken up and have voted. I hope politicians and their party stop-taking people for granted. ©kb

A Letter of Devorce

Hello European Partners I didn’t want this messy long drawn out divorce, but since some of the unruly pickney don’t like any more of your restrictions, and some of the people you send as their neighbour, it’s better that we go our own amicable way. Hope you have no hard feelings, and we can still be friends. If things don’t work out as well as the pickney them think, I’ll leave the back door open, and maybe later we can start sleeping together again. By the way, I’m going to keep the money you’re asking me to pay back, it’s for helping me to pay the lawyers. Don’t be a spoiler, and don’t forget we all spend that money having some good time drinking wine, eating cheese and bratwurst in that big house in Brussels and Strasbourg. A part of that money is for my share in that house which I can’t take with me. I still love you. kb

What’s Brexit

Someone asked me why I don’t do political blog anymore. The reason why, I’m trying to stay away from politics and religion. How I evaluate and see things, and what I write is against the norm. However, since politics and religion, both have some effect in our lives in some way or another, something some politician lady says about Brexit, means Brexit. However, she didn’t explain that UK exiting the EU mean changes, and some of those changes will bring dire consequences. It also seems they aren’t preparing people for those Brexit changes when it happens.kbs